Joy Stewart is one of Atlanta’s finest and most talented stylist. Being originally from Miami Florida, she has her own sense of fashion, flair and glamorousness that she brings to the table. “I started doing hair at a very young age, my grandmother used to press and braid my hair into Dookey braids, and I hated them, so I asked could she change the style, because I recognized that I didn’t feel fabulous, because I didn’t like my hair, My grandmother said” we’ll if you don’t like what I’ve done, I’m not changing it, you’d better learn to do it yourself! ” and I did, and never looked back! “

With her fierce tenacity towards giving women a great experience and her meticulous attention to detail Starr set out to restore Hollywood glamour and confidence to women by transforming their tresses from the dull and boring to outrageously beautiful works of art, that’s how the moniker J.Starr was born because she has the ability to make the everyday woman feel like a superstar.
Starr has worked with some of the biggest names in every walk of life, and across different industries, and continues to bring fabulous hair and and exemplary customer service to an arena where talent is in abundance, yet customer appreciation suffers, as she puts it” I feel like we as Women make a lot of sacrifices for others, and our hair says a lot about who we are, and definitely how we feel, the worst thing to me is sitting in a chair to get your hair done, and leaving disappointed after waiting for hours. That’s a horrible experience, but it is one we tolerated for too long, and for less than subpar performance. I am dedicated to the entire customer experience, the environment will be soothing, the work will be exceptional, and the utmost respect will be given to your time, I love my clients, I appreciate them giving me the freedom to express myself through the art of transforming their hair and their minds, a lady with fabulous hair is always ready to take over the world! “

It is this very attitude that has put Starr in her own leauge, while walking to beat of her own drum, in stilettos’s of course! She is even working on several community initiatives to provide beauty care services for women in transition, and making fierce hair units for women who have had chemo, ” a wig doesn’t have to look like one, it should make u feel just as gorgeous as your own hair, it’s an extension of you, I love the look on women’s faces when they see what I have created for them, it gives them the strength they need to beat cancer, stand up for themselves, fight for their family’s and transition from a dark place into a place where they are doing great things for themselves, This is a mission that God has placed in my heart and want to share this feeling with every woman that’s sits in my chair”. When it’s all said and done, I wanna be known for the class, compassion, grace and talent I bring to the hair game, But most importantly how I make you feel.