Why Buxom Tress Luxury Hair?
A brief explanation about the different types and qualities of hair used for hair extensions today:

  • European hair: Unsuitable and improbable for quality hair extensions, The texture is coarse and it is often brittle and non- porous which makes it difficult to hold on to moisture.
  • Chinese hair: Unsuitable for quality hair extensions, because of the texture and inability to hold curls. This hair is most often the cheapest hair to obtain and it is mixed with indian hair that tangles, sheds and is a poor investment. It will not give the client the longevity and versatility that they deserve.
  • Brushed Indian hair: Unsuitable for quality hair extensions, because these are loose strands of hair that are collected and then wefted, and even though the hair is “Virgin” it is still not the best quality because all the strands are un uniformed, and from different donors. the wefts may have lots of split ends which after extended wear, the client will experience poofing and shedding and uncontrollable tangling.
  • Indian Temple hair


Buxom Tress Luxury Hair

The term “virgin” is now is used everywhere, and also used inappropriately or inaccurately. Virgin hair means that the hair has not been subjected to any artificial processes that permanently change its inherent physical qualities. These processes include chemical applications (such as coloring or descaling) or mechanical treatments (such as extreme heat or pressure) that result in damage to the cuticle (the protective outer layer) and cortex (the protein core of the hair). If hair is not subjected to any artificial processes, the hair is considered in pristine, or virgin, condition, meaning that the hair possesses its original physical properties and the cuticle layer and cortex remain intact.

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When obtaining virgin hair, here are things you should ask you retailer:

Luxe lesson #1……..Is the retailer a vendor or supplier?

If the retailer is a supplier, then the retailer is directly responsible for gathering hair from hair donors and has significantly more control over the quality and subsequent treatment of the hair collected. At Buxom Tress Luxury hair extensions we are suppliers, not retailers. We won’t sell you hair mixed with animal hair, chinese hair and fillers.

Luxe lesson 2. If the retailer is a vendor, how does the vendor ensure that the hair is virgin?

If the vendor is not responsible for the collection of hair, it can be difficult for that vendor to vouch for the quality of the hair. The supplier could have applied any number of chemical and mechanical processes to treat the hair before selling her product to the vendor. However, if your vendor is diligent, he will travel to visit the facilities of its supplier and review her collection methods.

Luxe lesson 3. If the retailer is a supplier, what is the supplier’s process to collect and sanitize the hair?
To ensure cuticle-aligned virgin hair, the supplier should be the responsible party for harvesting the hair it sells. Hair sold should not include any fallen hair or hair collected from auctions (which infers that the hair was collected by a party other than the “supplier”).

In essence , the supplier would not use any of the following common industry practices to sanitize the hair: bleaching (damages the cuticle), boiling or steaming (denatures the protein) or use of pesticides (damages the cuticle).

Luxe lesson 4. Is the hair subjected to descaling or cuticle removal?
If the answer to this question is yes, chances are harsh bleach and acid treatments have been used to smooth, or remove altogether, the cuticle layer, which results in the client getting less than stellar hair and not getting a return on their investment.

Luxe lesson 5. Is your hair color treated?
Hair that has been dyed isn’t virgin.


Now here’s a question you must ask yourself, there are several things a diva must consider.

Not necessarily. Below is a list why it may be a great choice, and instances it may not be:

Virgin hair is more expensive, It is an investment. If a retailer offers cuticle-aligned virgin hair at an inexpensive price, chances are that the hair has been chemically or mechanically treated or the product includes fallen hair. If price is a critical consideration, you may want to explore options other than virgin hair. For example if for the top standard of “processed hair” or beauty supply store hair is expensive, and it is not virgin, you must realize that for quality pure hair, which is in high demand, won’t be pennies on the dollar. You get what you pay for, shedding poorly wefted hair that is intolerable, and hard to manage, and overall not a good investment. We want our Luxe Ladies to experience superior quality extensions that they can use for 1-2 years if properly maintained and cared for.

Virgin hair patterns vary, as well as color variations, Just as no two hair donors are the same, their hair patterns differ as well. If consistent hair pattern and performance is a critical consideration, you may want to explore options other than virgin hair.. However we have developed a system that groups the hair in the closest curl pattern the customer requests so that the difference is hardly detectable.

Virgin hair can be difficult to blend with your own hair. Hair that isn’t virgin can be chemically processed to mimic any hair type. Although virgin hair is available in a variety of hair patterns, textures and lusters, certain hair types can be scarce. If immediate availability of a certain hair type is of critical consideration, you may want to explore options other than virgin hair. However when the install is done by Master stylist J. Starr, blend ability and styling will not be a worry to you at all.

Buxom Tress Virgin hair, when properly cared for, can last for a year or longer. Because virgin hair is generally healthier hair, it has the ability to withstand chemical applications and mechanical treatments. For many, the longevity of the hair proves a worthwhile investment that results in cost savings over time. If quality is a critical consideration, virgin hair may be your best option.

Virgin hair is more versatile. Unlike hair patterns that have been chemically or mechanically induced, virgin hair can be straightened using repeated heat applications and the natural hair pattern is not diminished. If flexibility is a critical consideration, virgin hair may be your best option.

Virgin hair acts and looks like real hair. Because it is. If natural looking hair extensions is a critical consideration, virgin hair may be your best option.


Buxom Tress Virgin Hair offers Superior Quality Remi Hair, You may ask what is “Remi” or “Remy”hair:

“Remy” or “Remi” hair, is hair that has been remitted in Hindu temples. Some women in India and other regions practice tonsure. Tonsure is a religious practice associated with Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism whereby the devotees shave their heads as a demonstration of their religious devotion.

Today, the definition of remy has been broadened considerably and can include the following:

Indian hair gathered by a variety of methods, including fallen hair. Fallen hair is hair that is not collected directly from the hair donor, but rather is collected from hair brushes and refuse.

Hair possessing cuticle layers that are aligned or removed.

It’s important to remember and take note that hair can be remy, but not virgin. That is, the hair could be sourced from the temples of India, but processed chemically or mechanically. And it works the other way as well. Hair can be virgin, but not remy. Hair collected may have its original physical properties intact, but the hair has been collected in such a manner that the cuticles are not in alignment or removed altogether.

It is extremely important for hair cuticles to be uni-directional (And what are cuticles you may ask?)

The cuticle of the hair is a hard, shingle-like layer of over-lapping cells some 5 to 12 layers deep. If the direction of these shingled layers is misaligned, these layers can rub against one another causing friction that results in tangling and matting. Even worse than misaligned cuticle layers? Cuticle layers that have been removed altogether, leaving the cortex exposed. Initially, due to a silicone and bleach treatment, the hair will perform wonderfully. But ultimately, the cortex cannot remain intact exposed, resulting in a complete entanglement of the hair,and a web of tangled mess rather than the luxurious locks you desire.


Caring for your BTLVH:
Here are some of the most important tips to help you protect your beautiful hair extensions.

Luxe Tip 1. Treat your premium hair extensions as if they were your own hair. Our hair extensions are virgin, but they are not indestructible. Excessive chemical (perming and coloring) and mechanical (blow drying and curling iron) applications will eventually lead to damage that is irreparable, such as you own personal hair, Just as you will not over-process your own hair you must consider this as well.

Luxe Tip 2. frequency of washing your extensions.
We recommend you wash them Often enough to keep the extensions clean according to your lifestyle. We recommend a “Co wash” or conditioner based wash at least once every-week or every 2 weeks at the most. But if your daily routine includes exercise or swimming, your extensions should be washed immediately after any rigorous activity.

Wear a cap when swimming or keep hair extensions above water. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat. We recommend that you wear your hair away from the nape of your neck (e.g. a ponytail) when engaging in exercise.

The heat Factor:
Heat is one of your hair’s worst enemies; the more you use it, the shorter the life of your hair extensions. Be careful when using blow dryers and curling irons. It is best to let your hair dry naturally and to limit the use of flat and curling irons to 1 to 4 times per month. Not to mention when the hair is allowed to air dry, the natural curl pattern is allowed to rejuvenate and you are left with lusciously beautiful waves or curls.

Luxe Tip 3: To enhance the hair’s natural pattern and shine, we recommend an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse. Purchase organic ACV at your local food market. After washing and conditioning your hair, gently rinse with cold water. Then, spritz hair with the ACV rinse, which is 1 teaspoon of ACV mixed in 1 cup of water. Do not rinse. This is already done by Buxom Luxe, however if you are not familiar with this technique our master stylist will be happy to do this treatment for you as needed.

Authentic Buxom Tress Virgin Hair extensions are available exclusively via our BuxomBoutique.

We accept Visa, master card, discover, and paypal. Other options may be available upon request.

We ship all around the world, we have competitive shipping prices for our clients via DHL, based on your location and the amount of hair ordered.

Buxom Tresses does not offer refunds. Our Exchange Policy is below: Because we don’t offer refunds, it’s critically important that should you be dissatisfied with your purchase, your ability to return and exchange your Buxom Tress Locks isn’t accidentally voided. Until you’re 110% satisfied, be certain to refrain from any and all of the following :

  1. Manipulating your hair chemically. This includes color, straightening and curling treatments.
  2. Manipulating your hair mechanically. This includes blow drying, flat ironing or curling.
  3. Installing your custom or boutique blend.
  4. Cutting the hair or the wefts.

By avoiding the above, you protect your ability to return and exchange your Buxom Tress Locks until we exceed your original hair vision!